Hello fellow foodies! My name is Ali Hardie and I am a food-obsessed “Nudie”, as after many long years of study I have finally graduated from uni with a Nutrition and Dietetics degree and have now started my own small private Dietetic practice in Brisbane!

Now I know what you’re thinking… another food nazi ready to lecture the world on what, when, where and how to eat but I can promise you that this is not the case for me! I LOVE food… and not just healthy foods.. I love almost all types of food from home cooked lamb roasts to seafood spaghetti to the most decadent chocolate cakes you can think of…I love it all! I am often asked why I chose to study to become a dietitian and my answer every time is simply that I just really love food and love learning about the impact that different foods can have on our bodies.

Having grown up on a sheep and cattle property in Central West Queensland I learnt from a very young age about where food comes from and the value of knowing how to grow and cook tasty home grown produce. Even as a young child I was always following my mum around the veggie garden asking questions and wanting to help out in the kitchen. So, I guess in hindsight, my career path was really paved all those years ago as a curious little farm girl and I couldn’t be more thankful for it!

So why start a food blog you ask? Well why not? I have so many tasty recipe ideas and information about food and nutrition floating around in my head, so I figured why not start sharing some of my secrets with the world! The purpose of this blog is really not for me to sit here and lecture you on what foods you should or shouldn’t be eating but more to explore our relationships with food and hopefully provide you with some useful advice and ideas on how you can eat healthily but also have your cake and eat it too! I believe that food is best shared amongst family and friends and that although there may be foods that are good for us and then those that are not so good for us, everything in moderation is still key to living a long, happy, healthy life! So, join me on my journey of food discoveries, recipe creations and quest to uncover the truth about all things food and nutrition related!

Now that I have this show up and running I will (hopefully) be posting regularly with interesting articles on culinary delights from around the world, my opinions on the latest scientific discoveries, “superfoods” and fad diets and also some awesome recipes ideas to set the taste buds tingling! So stay tuned!

Although I have my own small practice in Indooroopilly, Brisbane, I also conduct phone and skype consultations for those further afield, as growing up in such a remote region of Australia I am well aware that not everyone has the luxury of easy access to healthcare services! In fact, I am currently even consulting with clients from overseas!

So, if you would like to contact me for any reason, or would like some nutritional advice please feel free to email me at: ali@revitalisenutrition.com.au



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