Day 3: Tom Yum Soup


tom yum soupIf you haven’t noticed already, I kind of have a bit of a thing for Asian food..I’m not sure if its their impeccable ability to hit all 4 S’s, namely our salty, sweet, savoury and sour sensations or just that Asian’s love to use lots of fresh herbs and vegetables, but either way I LOVE all types of Asian cuisine and I thoroughly enjoy cooking it as much as eating it!

So tonight, in keeping with my Gluten Free challenge, I double checked all my ingredients before whipping up a simple chicken tom yum soup! If you would like to try this recipe for yourselves, please make sure you carefully check the nutrition panels of every ingredient if you really are gluten intolerant!

What you need… (serves 2)

200-250g chicken breast (I just used my left over baked chicken breast from last night but use whatever you like!)

1 tbs GF laksa paste

1 lg red chilli (sliced)

1 tsp grated ginger

1/2 stem lemon grass (sliced) – I didn’t have any tonight and it seemed to taste almost just as good without it!)

2 cloves garlic (sliced)

1/2 brown onion (sliced)

2 kaffir lime leaves (ripped into sm pieces)

4 -6 button mushies

2 roma tomatoes

3 broccoli florets

1/4 red capsicum

handful of beans

1 lime

2 tsp GF fish sauce

1/4 packet flat rice noodles

tsp sesame oil

bean sprouts and coriander to serve

What to do…

Cut up your garlic, chili, onions, and salad vegetables. Add onion to a large saucepan and once onion is semi transparent and your garlic, chili and ginger. Then add in your Laksa paste and lime leaves and stir over medium heat for about a minute. Then add about 3 cups of water (or chicken stock) and then your tomatoes and mushies.

Next add in your chicken breast (cut into strips) and let the chicken poach all the way through. Once the chicken is cooked and your rice noodles and let the pot simmer over medium heat until the noodles are soft. Finally add all the remaining vegetables and remove from the heat after about 1 minute.

Pour soup into serving bowls and add a dash of sesame oil to each and garnish with coriander and bean sprouts.

And you’re done! Another healthy, GF dinner ready to be devoured!



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