A snapshot of my week without meat


So just to give you an idea of how to eat a healthy balanced diet with the exclusion of white and red meat I thought I would give you a quick snap shot of my diet over the past 7 days as a “pescetarian (vegetarian who eats seafood).

Monday: Breakky – small serve of homemade muesli with fat free natural yoghurt and mixed berries

Lunch – garden salad with mixed beans and a tin of tuna

Afternoon snack – 1 ricecake with a scraping of vegetmite and low fat cottage cheese

Dinner – pan fried spiced salmon fillet with quinoa salad and mint yoghurt

Exercise – 1 hr jog (outdoors)


Breakky – same as above

Morning tea – small cappaccino on skim milk

Lunch – left over salmon and quinoa salad

Snack- Apple

Dinner – Thai fish cakes with crunchy noodle salad

Exercise: 25mins of hill sprints + 30 minute run


Breaky – Same as above

Lunch – left over thai fish cakes and crunchy noodle salad

Snack – Apple

Dinner – TVP chilli con carne with crunchy potato skins

1 hr walk


Breakky – slice of multigrain toast with avocado and slices of fresh tomato + small cappaccino on skim milk

Lunch – Garden Salad with cannolini beans and a tin of tuna

Dinner – Pan fried snapper with roasted sweet potato, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

1 hr walk + 50min stand up paddle board + 30 min run


Breakky – 2 rice cakes with cottage cheese and slices of fresh tomato + small cappaccino on skim milk

Snack – Apple

Lunch – Garden salad with tuna

Dinner – (went out for Thai) ordered a prawn sad see yew (vegetarian options also available)

Exercise: 45min walk + 30 min run


Breakky – Apple + handful of mixed nuts + sm skim cappaccino

Lunch – 2 rice cakes with avocado +  smoked salmon + fresh sliced tomato

Snack – row of seaweed rice crackers and cottage cheese

Dinner – (went out to dinner) Pan fried barramundi with roasted artichokes, tomatoes, asparagus and fetta cheese

Dessert – serve of cheese and crackers

Exercise: 1hr walk


Brunch – smoked salmon, roasted mushrooms, avocado and tomato salsa and slice of turkish + small skim cappaccino

Snack – row of rice crackers with guacamole

Dinner – salmon and avocado tartare + prawn and scallop lettuce cups

Dessert – serve of low fat, homemade apple crumble and ice cream (YUMMM!)

Exercise – 45min run (interval training- eg slow to med to fast running intervals)

And there you have a pretty good idea of what I have eaten over the past 7 days as a “pescetarian” and what exercise I have managed to fit in to keep that metabolism ticking over! Not only are most of the meals I have eaten very low in fat, they have all contained adequate amounts of fibre, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, due to my diet being very high in seafood consumption this week, I have consumed more than adequate amounts of omega 3 fats to help improve my blood lipid profile through achieving a more balanced omega 3 to omega 6 fat ratio in my diet that essentially leads to a myraid of health benefits when omega 3’s are consumed on a regular basis!

(NOTE: for newcomers – the recipes for all my dinners this week have already been posted! Just look under the category of “My (Almost) Meat Free Challenge”). Not

However, now that is Monday and the start of a NEW week I think it is time for a NEW challenge and this week I think I am going to become a Coeliac for the week (ie someone who is unable to foods containing gluten) and am going to follow a strict gluten free diet for the next 7 days! So for those of you who are interested in discovering some new tastey GLUTEN FREE recipes… stay tuned!



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