Day 6: Pan Fried Barramundi with artichokes and asparagus salad


gustos barramundiIn being invited out to dinner with some friends again last night, I managed to score another evening out of the kitchen and was lucky enough to try some tastey local seafood at one of my favourite restaurants in Noosa, Gusto! Being the second last day of my “meat free” challenge I was a little limited than usual in my meal choices but lucky for me there were plenty of tastey fish and other seafood options on the menu!

In all honesty I was a little jealous at first as the 3 very tender, juicey looking steaks were placed in front of my fellow diners but those feelings dissipated very quickly once the first mouthful of my meal hit my lips! A beautifully prepared dish of fresh pan fried barramundi sitting on a bed of roasted artichokes and local Noosa red tomatoes, grilled asparagus and good dollop of Merrideth Fetta Cheese..YUM!! Who knew being a pescetarian could be this awesome!

I walked away from Gusto’s totally satisfied with a belly full of delicious food yet perhaps not quite as uncomfortably full as the rest of the table seemed to be after their very rich, heavy meals of steaks and creamy potatoes! Gusto is a fantastic little restaurant on Gympie Tce in Noosaville that we have a habit of visiting on a fairly regular basis! Although they don’t seem to change the menu all that regularly this quaint little BYO restaurant prides itself on serving only the freshest of produce and I can vouch with all honesty that I have never been disappointed by the food or the service!


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