Day 5: Time for some Thai


My love Affair for Pad See Yew reignited….pad see yew

Being Friday night I decided it was time to step out of the kitchen and have a night off! So while Mark stayed home, glued to the TV watching football I caught up with some friends and indulged in some Thai food! Probably not the healthiest of choices but figured they at least have plenty of vegetarian and seafood dishes to cater for vegetarians/pescetarians like myself (for another 2 days anyway)!!  Sticking with my “meat free” rule I chose a prawn pad see yew dish and dammmnnn was it tastey! Definitely not the wisest choice with the dish ringing true to the saying of “a moment on the lips..a life time on the hips” but I fell in love with this dish whilst travelling through Thailand a couple of years ago and now every now and then I have no choice but to succumb to my cravings!! But at least I stuck to my no red/white meat rule right?? Trust me, if you like noodle dishes, you wont be disappointed with this one! It’s delicious and usually has a heap more veggies in it than your usual pad thai! Like most Thai curries and stir fries though its pretty high in fat so maybe save this one for special occasions! Perhaps a wiser choice than some of your favourite coconut based curries though which are higher in saturated fats due to the copious amounts of coconut milk and cream they use to make them! If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying pad see yew before and you’re thinking about indulging in one I have one word of warning..this dish is HIGHLY addictive so proceed with caution!



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