My Brother’s Newly Acquired Culinary Skills!


daves masterpieceOk. Soooo Wednesday was my Mum’s birthday and I have to say I was blown away when I heard that my 22 year old brother had  bravely stepped into the kitchen and cooked up a storm for Mum’s B’day using one of my more recent culinary inventions.. Spiced Pan seared salmon with my quinoa salad! Yay! There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that my passion for (cooking..and eating) tastey, nutritious food is rubbing off on others! My brother has always been pretty handy in the kitchen but I highly doubt there would be many boys his age out there who would even know what quinoa is so yesterday was a pretty proud moment when mum sent me through some pictures of my brother’s efforts in the kitchen! Go Dave! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!! Wish I had been there to celebrate with you..and to trial Dave’s culinary masterpiece!

daves masterpiece 2




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