What’s your poison of choice?


images2Ok everyone, so it’s Friday and I know this usually only means one thing…healthy diet out…countless friday arvo drinks and “nibbles” (followed by a nice greasy slice of pizza on the way home at 2am) IN! and as much as we all like to think it’s not going to happen this weekend..9 times out of 10 it is inevitable! We almost don’t have a choice..we live in Australia and that’s what we like to do..DRINK! and I have to say we’re damned good at it!

So to help you all out and try and reduce the self loathing and regret you are bound to be hit by tomorrow morning as you awake from your drunken slumber and you realise your health kick is officially ruined, I thought I would be so kind as to at least give you all a few tips on which of your favourite beverages score best in the calorie count department!

Ok so first up for all you wine lovers out there I have some good news..your poison of choice comes out as number one as the best choice for those of you want to get drunk, not fat! With an average of 284kJ per 100ml glass (Remembering that a standard drink is only a 100ml whilst most bars pour glasses that are at least double that!) Also remember I am only talking about one glass here.. if you add up those kilojoules over another glass and then another it kinda all adds up. If we’re looking at a standard bottle of wine those numbers creep up pretty fast with a around 2130kJ per bottle! Which equates to about a quarter of your daily engergy(kJ) needs) and we haven’t even got to the slice of pepperoni pizza that’s devoured on the way home yet!
But all in all, wine is a much wiser choice than some of the other drinks we all love a bit too much!

Next on the list is your spirits WITHOUT mixers. So for those of you who like it “on the rocks” you are a one step ahead of your rum and coke buddies!  A standard 30ml shot of spirits usually equates to about 280kJ, which doesnt seem that bad huh? but then you add in your fave mixer and its suddenly shot up to about 750-820kJ! So if you want to try and cut down on that calorie count the obvious choice is good old soda and fresh lime or your diet mixers! (clearly not rocket science right?!)

When it comes to cocktails there are some winners and there are some real losers but they are all generally fairly high in kilojoules. Obviously your tall cocktails are going to be laden with hidden calories so if you really are a cocktail gal then try and stick to the good old fashioned martini or those made on soda water/diet mixers.

As for beer…ahhh I wish I could offer better news to all you beer drinkers out there but unfortunately beer doesnt rate so highly on the “healthier” alcohol list! To give you an idea your standard full strength beer contains around 570kJ per stubbie, so after a 6pack we’re climbing to over 3400kJ!!! and so on… While your standard mid-strength comes in at 430kJ per stubbie/can and your light beers being the best choice at around 390kJ per stubbie (no surprises there!) and for all you who have been kidding yourselves that the low carb beers are way better for you..I have some bad news..you’re standard mid-strength low carb beer contains just as many kJ as the normal ones! SORRY!

And lastly, for those of you who drink pre-mixed drinks..DON’T! I would actually call them a calorie catastrophe and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that they are on the bottom of the pecking order with a a small vodka cruiser bottle containing up to over 880kJ or a lemon ruski containing 920kJ!

Sooo in summary if you’re going to drink this weekend (and any other weekend there after) try and follow these few simple rules:

1. If you are a wine drinker (including sparkling) or are thinking of becoming one – continue

2. If you like spirits – be a man and drink it on the rocks..or at least top it up with soda water or a sugar free mixer!

3. If you cant go past the cocktails think martini martini martini..or if thats not your thing at least go for the ones made in short glasses or are made on soda water (did someone say mojito? or perhaps a caprioska?)

4. If you are a beer drinker, always have been and plan to always be one… well I cant really help you there other than say try and stick to light beer. Oh and stop kidding yourself into thinking that drinking the low carb ones is going to help you curb the curves! It’s just a massive marketing scam!

5. And finally if you’re a pre-mixed drink person…RE-THINK YOUR DRINK!

Happy Friday Peoples!




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