I think this is a great article as Melissa has nailed a very important weight loss theory on the head… Fad diets and Yoyo dietiting DON’T WORK! Despite the constant hype in the media about the latest fad diets, successful weightloss is more about having a healthy balanced diet and listening to your body’s cues and the way you are feeling than severe food restrictions and cutting out entire food groups. Thanks for this one Melissa!

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This post is by our guest contributor Melissa Podmore.  Melissa Podmore is a psychologist and yoga teacher based in Bondi, NSW. Melissa can be contacted by clicking this link.

Tips for Weight loss and Healthy Lifestyle

You may be surprised to hear that the absolute number one rule / tip / mantra (Or even tattoo if your so inclined…) for losing weight is that “DIETS DON’T WORK”.  The best, most proven technique for us to FAIL long-term in any weight loss pursuit is to follow a restrictive diet which deprives you of the calories and nutrients your body needs to function efficiently. There are 2 clear reasons why!

1.  Dieting sets up a psychological state of deprivation and control, and both of these states create stress in our mind (and bodies). When we are dieting we are focusing on what we CAN’T have, and this leads to restrictive and obsessional…

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