The Running Carrot

February is heart health month, and with heart disease reigning as the #1 killer in America, it’s essential to keep your heart pumping well.


Many people claim that food is the way to their heart. The question is: what is the best diet for heart health?

For decades, most experts have recommended a relatively low-fat diet to prevent heart disease. Given that heart disease still runs rampant in our country and is becoming common all over the world, I’m not sure the low-fat diet is working out for us all. For further proof, this large study showed that a low-fat diet did not reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. Low fat typically means high-carb (or high sugar!).

The problems are:

  • Fat is not created equal. Fat does not come in one form – there are omega 3 fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans fats… They all act…

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